A new concept of enjoying a cup of coffee for the same price

With our studies, experience recommend the following steps.

Coffee direct from farm (Single origin).

We select only farms that are aware of the environment and its workers. 1

Harvest coffee beans:
The coffee is harvested by hand by one of two ways: strip picking or selective picking. Strip picking is exactly how it sounds, trees are harvested entirely at one time "stripping" all the beans off the branches, ripe as well as unripe cherries. It is hard work so we must pay a fair price. Directly to harvesters not to intermediaries. 2

Wash coffee beans process:
In the wet process, the fruit covering the seeds/beans is removed before they are dried. Coffee processed by the wet method is called wet processed or washed coffee.[4] The wet method requires the use of specific equipment and substantial quantities of water. 3

Coffee beans drying process:
solely by patio takes 6-7 days for washed coffees, 8-9 days for pulped naturals (semi-washed), and 12-14 days for natural (dry-processed) coffees. This is why coffee beans are typically dried on a patio until they reach a moisture content of 15% and are then transferred to mechanical dryers. 4

Roasted coffee bean:
The duration ranges from 12 to 25 minutes approximately, depending on the degree of roasting you want to achieve. We can divide the process into several parts. The first 5 minutes the coffee turns from green to a yellow colour, similar to the colour of straw. 5

Fresh coffee:
Our coffee expires in 2 months after roasting. Not is industrial. For a 1kg bag of coffee beans you should expect to get around 120-140 cups of coffee. Based on variable data and on a standard single shot coffee. 5.1

We Design your installation coffee shop (cafeteria)with our brands.

Coffee machine installation guide


Dedicate circuit. Water waste point. Water waste point. If you don’t have this. Call us we send an engineer to advise you. 7

Test water supply by our specialist:
Is to know which filter, use in you are.

Coffee machine selection:

Is according to the number of clients & power supply. 9

Baristas training:
If you rent Equipment our baristas are going to give free training to their staff.

Equipment maintenance guide.

Test of temperature & pressure in coffee machine.

Cleaning boiler & Descale:
Minimum every year.


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