Benefits of equipment rental.

When you own a small business restaurant or food business, you understand the importance of saving money where necessary. The expenses can start to add up when it comes to running and operating your business. From purchasing equipment to always making sure inventory is stocked on the shelves and ready for an increase in customers, it can add up really quick.

Save money and cut costs where you can, one of the things you can do is to use a coffee machine rental service. There are many different rentals options available to help your business and we offer a rang elf leasing option from espresso machine rental to bean to cup coffee machine rental.

Pre-installation coffee machine guide.

Dedicate circuit with spur fuse, the electric circuit must be complying the BS 7617 2108.
Water waste point.
Water supply point.

Test water supply:

After a water test we know which filter I should install.


Equipment machine rent, lease, buy new or used.

Espresso Machine:
According to how many clients do you have:
Single group £ 20 each month
Two group £ 27 each month

Professional Water Filter:

Offer Grinder:

Mazzer Coffee Grinder 350W

Free Coffee beans 4 kg, if you rent espresso machine + grinder:

To boy coffee beans per: gr, kg, tonne. You go to (Story, Coffee Varieties).

Sugar cane:
Free 1 kg, if you rent espresso machine + grinder. To boy coffee beans per: gr, kg, tonne. You go to (storage other).

Barista Coffee Training free. If you rent espresso machine + grinder.

Coffee roaster beans:

1kg, 3kg. Call for us for more information.


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